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Team | Rounds.com Blog

Rounds - Video Chat. As It Should Be.

Rounds is a social entertainment platform that offers its members the ability to webcam chat, play multi-user, real-time games together, watch videos and enjoy many different interactive online activities in a fun and playful way.

Rounds videochat is used by people around the world and is known for connecting its members in a way that closely mirrors real life interaction. Members are able to video chat in real time while engaging in various fun social activities and real-time games in a way not previously possible. The platform is available on www.rounds.com and now through Video Chat Rounds Facebook application.

Rounds' approach differs from other online chat options because of its focus on genuinely replicating a real life conversation. Hundreds of thousands of people currently use Rounds' platform to videochat and share online experiences – they play real-time games, take funny snapshots of themselves, watch YouTube videos, share Facebook and Flickr photos, listen to music and spend time together, as if they were both sitting in the same room.

Rounds Official Site: www.rounds.com
Video Chat Rounds Facebook Application: http://apps.facebook.com/chatrounds


Dany Fishel

Dany Fishel – Co-Founder and CEO

Online marketing expert with broad knowledge of Internet business development. Experienced in media buying, revenue models and strategic partnerships. Co-founded KwaKwa and managed projects for leading start-ups, such as aniBOOM and PLYmedia. Formerly, an 888.com US marketing manager.

Ilan Leibovich

Ilan Leibovich – Co-Founder and COO

Internet, web2.0, social media and online revenue models expert. Fluent with all Internet technologies, the affiliate’s sphere, online marketing, competitive intelligence and reaching the web2.0 opinion leaders. Formerly managed the affiliate’s retention department in 888.com and co-founded KwaKwa.

Elliot Jaffe

Elliot Jaffe – CTO

Architect, Technologist and Entrepreneur with years of hi-tech experience. Founder Transarc, PictureVision, Qlusters, VeVent, Entrepreneur in Residence at Israel Seed. External Director at Ericom Ltd. BSc – Carnegie Mellon, MSc, PhD – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Oren Levy

Oren Levy – Executive VP

Before joining Rounds, Oren Levy was Executive VP at Oddcast, managing its small business product, SitePal. Prior to joining Oddcast, Oren was a finance manager in Microsoft’s global strategic partnerships group. While a candidate for his MBA at Columbia Business School, he served as project manager for a technology planning assignment at Merrill Lynch. Mr. Levy holds a J.D. Equivalent and BA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received an MBA from Columbia Business School with honors.

Gadi Srebnik

Gadi Srebnik – VP R&D

Talented software developer, specializing in Flash ActionScript, FMS streaming and communication. Experienced in design and development of highly interactive distribution systems for data and media. Previously worked as a senior FMS developer for KnockaTV and as a flash project manager for KiddoNet.

Natasha Shine-Zirkel

Natasha Shine-Zirkel – Marketing Manager

Creative and eager marketer, who’s well known for being a social butterfly. Managed and organized social activities from before, during, and since graduating The IDC Herzliya (Israel) with great panache and success. Has a well respected and successful entrepreneurial spirit with a wide range of expertise.

Roy Barazani

Roy Barazani – Creative Director

For the past three years, Roy had his own studio where he created UI, Apps, Web, Logos and other Fantastic Products. After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Roy worked as a UX desginer for EMARA DESIGN Ltd. There he designed desktop, app and web for Actimize, Zlango and Time To Know, among many other happy customers.

Eli Atlas

Eli Atlas – Flash Developer

Experienced software programmer who has extensive knowledge in the Flash Platform. Previously worked at mantis as an ActionScript developer and a freelancer. In his free time he enjoys riding his sports bicycle, taking photos and playing guitar.

Yohay Barsky

Yohay Barsky – Flash Developer

Flash Developer, out of the box thinker, entrepreneur, Co-founded SORTFIX. Experienced in design and development of unique and complex interactive user Interfaces, on web and mobile platforms. MSc – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nitzan Tomer

Nitzan Tomer – Senior Web Engineer

Gifted software engineer that specializes in web applications while using different types of cutting edge technologies and programming languages, such as: ASP (old school & .NET), PHP, J2EE and advance browser based user interfaces (HTML, CSS & JavaScript).


Elizabeth Ekshtat-Schultz – Senior System Engineer

Skillful and talented software developer, knowledgeable in wide range of programming fields with years of experience in different programming languages, such as C, C++, Perl and Python. Previously worked as a game engine developer in MixTV and software analyst at ICQ.


Doody Parizada – Server-Side Developer

Top notch Software Engineer, who believes that programmers and code can live in harmony. Doody served in the technological unit of the IDF as a software engineer and then went on to graduate with honors from Bar Ilan University with a BSc. He is familiar with multiple programming languages such as C++, Java, C# and Python. Prior to joining Rounds, Doody worked at SHL and StartCut.

Board Members

Zeev Bregman – Chairman

Current CEO of NICE and previously the CEO of Comverse, LTD. from January 2001 to March 2007, where he orchestrated the company’s turn-around from the Telecom Crisis of 2001-2002. Served in various R&D, management within the company, including Vice President, EMEA Division and Messaging Division.

Uri Shinar

Founder and CEO of Aniboom.com. Formerly CEO and President of Keshet Broadcasting, where he established the grounds for Israel’s first commercial TV channel in a variety of aspects. Also co-founded some of Keshet’s media sister companies – The Comedy Channel and Keshet Interactive.

Daniel Recanati


Founder and CEO of Rhodium. Founded, financed and directed various international initiatives in a broad range of industries (Internet, New Media, Cellular, Real Estate and Food & Beverage). Director at modu, face.com, Libox, Best TV, Gmul Investments, Govli, Yahel Foundation, and MadaTech.

Yaron Kniajer


CFO of Rhodium. Previously worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers’ Media & Telecom M&A Group as well as the CFO of Mediagate, and as a Manager at Ernst & Young. Certified Public Accountant, with an MBA from London Business School (Distinction).


Jack Bauer – Crisis Management

Extremely trained and professional crisis manager with extensive experience in deal negotiations. Speaks Spanish, Russian and Serbian and holds a Master’s Degree in Criminology and Law. Previously worked for the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Peggy Olson – Advertising and Marketing

A determined, conscientious and succesfful young woman, currently working as a copywriter at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. Previously worked as a secretary, but quickly earned a promotion after helping with the Belle Jolie and the Rejuvenator accounts. A real likable and easy-going person to work with.

Tony Soprano – Business Consultant

Reputable and successful entrepreneur with great success in previous business ventures. Highly talented manager, a powerful influencer and a true dreamer. Recently worked as a bookkeeper and in the waste disposal industry, as well as in the entertainment and the night-life industry.

Vincent Chase – Public Relations

A very successful and talented actor who starred in various blockbuster hits, such as Aquaman and Medellin that created enormous response from the blogosphere and generated buzz from both online and offline media. Connected to the most powerful people and attends the most precious parties around.

Elaine Benes – Copy Editor

Assertive, decisive, determined and loyal (!) lady with various skills and years of experience as a copy editor at companies such as Pendant Publishing and J. Peterman Company! Majored French Literature at Tufts University and really likes using exclamation marks wherever possible!!!

Nancy Botwin – Recreational Director

Studied dancing in Berkeley but left it to be a housewife and a mother of two. Experienced in confrontations, stress management, dealerships and recreational services. Currently develops her own business and expends into different markets and territories, while managing a tight budget and a household.

Alan Shore – Legal Strategy

An extremely intelligent and brilliant lawyer who will stop at nothing in order to help his clients. Currently works at the famous Boston law firm – Crane, Poole & Schmidt and previously worked at Young, Frutt & Berlutti. Alan also argued a death penalty case before the Supreme Court and won.


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