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26 Irresistible Song and Dance Movie Scenes | Rounds.com Blog

26 Irresistible Song and Dance Movie Scenes

Ah, randomness. Don’t you just love when you’re watching a romantic comedy and all of a sudden, the entire dinner table bursts into perfectly orchestrated song? Or when the main character dances in their underwear? How about the old-fashioned serenade? And who doesn’t love when the lead spontaneously busts out some moves and turns the entire dance floor into a chorus line?
random dancing
There’s really just something so compelling about the musical interlude in an otherwise unmusical movie. Check out our breakdown of the best song and dance movie scenes and check out the clips below.

The Ones Where the Main Character Dances in Their Underwear

First there was Tom Cruise…

1. Risky Business: Old Time Rock ‘n Roll



2. Charlie’s Angels: Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

And then there was Cameron Diaz…


In Which the Dancer is Dancing Alone Like No One’s Looking — in Front of Other People

What? You like my dancing? Oh, I didn’t even realize I was dancing. I was just caught up in the moment.

3. Twin Peaks: Audrey’s Dance

Okay, this is a TV show, but these are classic moves. Who else dances like this?


4. Spiderman 3: the Peter Parker solo

Feelin’ good, feelin’ great.


5. Tropic Thunder: Get Back

In which Tom Cruise appears to be making fun of his own (notorious) solo dance ability.


The Ones Where Everyone Bizarrely Knows All the Moves

These are the best. Even though these are all comedies, the random musical number never fails to surprise and delight.

6.Clerks 2: ABC

This scene in Clerks 2 starts off with Becky (Rosario Dawson) dancing in front of Dante — oblivious to her seductive power — and then magically morphs into a full-fledged musical.


7. The Breakfast Club: We Are Not Alone

First we see some serious “dancing alone” before the scene transforms into a suspiciously coordinated multi-person routine.


8. 13 Going on Thirty: Thriller

Jennifer Garner’s character gets everyone to let out their inner 13-year old — and dance perfectly!


9.The 40-Year Old Virgin: Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In

Bad singing, bad dancing — this scene pretty much has it all. A transcendent musical experience.


10. Beetlejuice: Banana Boat Song (Day-O)

These characters are literally moved by the spirit.


11. A Life Less Ordinary: Beyond the Sea

I think this is my fantasy every time I go up to sing karaoke.


Awkward A Capella Singing


12. The Break-Up: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Singing at the dinner table is not for everyone.


13. Stepbrothers: Sweet Child O’ Mine

A capella is creepy, right?


14. Anchorman: Afternoon Delight

Yeah, it definitely is.


15. My Best Friend’s Wedding: Say a Little Prayer for You

Except when it’s not. I mean, Julia Roberts’ character is super uncomfortable here, but everyone else seems to be having a blast!


16. Superbad: These Eyes

Under duress, sometimes a capella can save your ass.


When Everyone Sings Together in the Bar


17. Top Gun: She’s Lost that Loving Feeling

Charming in an obnoxious sort of way.


18. Beautiful Girls: Sweet Caroline



19. Magnolia: Wise-Up

This ensemble musical rendition isn’t performed drunkenly in a bar, but it does make you want to kill yourself.


20. Wayne’s World: Bohemian Rhapsody

Sung in a car, not a bar.


In Which the Characters’ Previously Choreographed Dance Routine Stuns Onlookers (for Better or for Worse)


21. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion: Time After Time

I love how they take off their shoes for this number.


22. Coyote Ugly: Dancing on the Bar

And they do it in heels!


When the Characters Have Natural Chemistry that Leads to Dance…Magic


23. True Lies: “tango”

Who knew Ah-nold could be so light on his feet?


24. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Twist & Shout

So much charisma he seems to get all of Chicago dancing.


25. Pulp Fiction: You Never Can Tell

The most deadpan rock ‘n roll dancing ever — and you still can’t look away.




The Sweetest Thing: Shake Your Groove Thing

“Do we have time for a movie montage?”

What’s your favorite random musical movie scene?

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