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11 Office Pranks | Rounds.com Blog

11 Office Pranks

Does Friday feel far away? Are you completely bored and staring at your inbox with a glazed expression? You might like to spice things up with a friendly office prank. I’ve compiled a list to get you started, from time-honored classics to elaborate ruses sure to make your day a little shorter.

1. Secretly switch to decaf
Get to work early and change the office kitchen coffee to decaf. Hide all the evidence — empty the cans of caffeinated coffee and replace them all with decaf. Everyone will be falling asleep at their desks in no time. The only drawback might be increased crankiness, and a major drop in productivity, but if you’re not too invested in your job and feel slightly sadistic, this is a fine prank. In the long term, this prank could even help people end their caffeine addictions, so you can also view it as tough love.
2. Make someone think they’re a very big deal.
Leave a memo saying a potential VIP client called for them, “Barack.” Put the White House phone number as the contact.
3. Two victims, one phone call.
Call victim #1 and then, very quickly, call victim #2 on the other line, and simultaneously conference them together. Then, listen in as they spend a few awkward moments trying to figure out who called who.
4. Tie someone up.
Not literally, of course. But rather, make them waste some time by wrapping their desk phone in rubber bands, rendering it temporarily unusable.
5. Switch your coworker’s reading glasses for a pair of identical frames — with clear lenses.
6. Stage a fake sick-in.
Pick a day when your boss has to supervise some tedious, odious tasks, like inventory or moving offices or something. Coordinate a critical mass of your coworkers to all call in sick that morning, and enjoy imagining your boss’s rising panic as more and more people call out. Then show up all at once, on time, at your boss’s office, bearing coffee and donuts.
7. Mouse attack.
Place a piece of tape over the tracker, so the cursor won’t respond. If your victim uses a laptop with a trackpad, change the mouse settings so it goes way too fast and out of control, or painfully, painfully slow.
8. Ruin their pens.
Not being able to find a working pen is really frustrating. Frustrate someone you love — or love to hate — by painting a dab of clear nail polish over the tips of ALL their pens. They’ll go nuts trying to make the ink flow in one pen after another.
9. Fake the Blue Screen of Death.
The infamous Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD, is well-known for signaling that a computer has suffered a major failure. The pranksters at Microsoft, however, have created a screensaver that mimics this screen. Download it and install it on your victim’s computer and then hang around when they get back from lunch and nearly have a heart attack.
10. Switch their keyboard keys around.
All you need is a little bit of time in your victim’s cubicle, and some pliers. Switch the keys around in a subtle way. This works best, of course, if your victim is a hunt-and-pecker, not a touch typist. Otherwise, switching the keys around so they spell a sassy message, like “pwned” should suffice.

11. Build some walls.
This prank requires a lot of time, planning, and money. But if you can pull it off, you’ll win the respect of your entire office.

Got any other good ideas? Let me know, and I’ll add them to the list.

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