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9 People with the Longest or Biggest…Something | Rounds.com Blog

9 People with the Longest or Biggest…Something

The world of the Guinness World Records is indeed a strange one. I’m sure people enter these record-breaking competitions for diverse reasons: to attain notoriety, to turn a natural abnormality into something positive, or to validate their penchant for lackadaisical grooming. And of course, in many cases, it might be for money; remuneration can be obtained through touring with circus shows, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, and the Guinness World Records organization itself. But let’s not focus on the whys behind these record-breaking people. Let’s just marvel at the people who have the longest or biggest…something.

1. The Longest Ear Hair

The fellow above is Antony Victor. In 2002, he broke the world record for longest ear hair with ear hair measuring 4.5 inches. The previous record holder was his son Peter.
longest ear hair junior
Last year, however, the Victor long ear hair dynasty was disrupted by a new ear hair champion, Radhakant Bajpai, whose ear hairs are almost 20 inches long.
Bajpai attributes his long lustrous ear locks to regular shampooing with a special herbal blend. And he may have an heir to the ear hair throne: “‘My son who is 25 has started to exhibit the same ear-hair growth that I have enjoyed. It will be up to him whether he maintains his hair, but I am sure that it has brought me luck in my life.”

2. The Longest Fingernails

Lee Redmond holds the record for longest fingernails, with an average nail length of 35 inches. Redmond spent 30 long years growing her nails that long. Sadly, in 2009, Redmond was in a car crash. While her injurious were not life-threatening, she did break her nails.

3. The Biggest Breast Implants

The current holder of this title is a woman named, appropriately enough, Maxi Mounds. She wears a 42M bra and her breasts weigh 20 pounds each. Mounds is a schoolteacher. Oh wait, sorry, that was a typo. Mounds is a professional adult entertainer.

4. The Longest Tongue

Stephen Taylor’s tongue measures 3.74 inches from the tip to the center of his closed top lip. Apparently, Taylor first attracted the attention of his fiancee by showing her his tongue; however his tongue is still growing and his fiancee is scared to kiss him because she is scared of being “suffocated” by his tongue. (Gross mental pictures all around, sorry.)

5. The Longest Beard

Hans Langseth died in 1927, but he still holds the record for the longest beard ever measured: 18 feet, 6 inches long. He was the original inspiration for ZZ Top.

6. The Longest Nose

At 3.5 inches, Mehmet Ozyurek’s nose is currently the longest one on record. He’s quite pleased with his record and is soon to be starring in a Wes Anderson movie.

7. The Longest Hair

longest hair
Rapunzel, Rapunzel — tell Xie Qiuping to let down her…raven hair. All 18 feet and 5.5 inches of it. This current record holder has been growing her hair since 1973.

8. The Longest Legs

It’s no surprise that the person with the world’s longest legs is a former basketball player. Svetlana Pankratova’s legs are a stunning 4 feet, 4 inches long. At 6 foot 5, Pankratova is quite tall, but far from being the world’s tallest woman. She’s just leggy. Lucky gal.

9. The Longest Eyebrow


And finally, we have the man with the world’s longest eyebrows, Leonard Traenkenschuh. It’s not as impressive as it sounds, though. He has two eyebrow hairs that measure around 3.5 inches. I’m not finding this too astounding, but judging from this video of the official measurement, Leonard is extremely pleased with his record.
And that’s all for now. Know any other contenders? What other categories should they start up? I, for one, am curious to see what the world’s longest nose hair looks like — there must be some weirdo out there monitoring that, right?

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