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12 Stupid Guinness World Records | Rounds.com Blog

12 Stupid Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records organization documents a lot of amazing feats. Some are impressive because they require great physical ability, such as the World’s Longest Motorcycle Wheelie; others impress because they draw attention to disease research, such as the Largest Human Awareness Ribbon.

But many are just plain stupid.
squirting milk from eye

1. Farthest Squirting of Milk from the Eye

This honor goes to Ilker Yilmaz of Turkey, pictured above, who in 2004 squirted milk from his eye at a record-breaking distance of 9 feet, 2 inches. I don’t know how one squirts milk from one’s eye anyway, so I don’t really know if this is impressive or not. It’s just weird.

2. Largest Collection of Clocks

most clocks
Jack Schoff of the U.S. is the proud holder of this title, with 1094 clocks in his possession. I’m not sure why this is significant, since clocks are pretty easy to collect. It’s an everyday object. It’s sort of like having the largest collection of doorknobs.

3. Largest Collection of Barf Bags

barf bags
Now, this is impressive. Niek Vermeulen of the Netherlands has amassed a collection of 5568 airline sick bags. That’s an unusual thing to collect and those are rather hard to get ahold of — you can’t just pop down to the local Walmart to get one.

4. Largest Collection of ‘Do Not Disturb Signs’

do-not-disturb signs
Meet Jean-François Vernetti of Switzerland. He has collected 8888 different hotel ‘do not disturb’ signs. He looks like a happy chap. Do you think he and Niek Vermeulen are Facebook friends? I feel like they would really get along.

5. Most Eggs Crushed with Head in One Minute

eggs crushed by head
Ashrita Furman crushed 80 eggs with his head in one minute. Well. Okay. Good for him?

Interestingly, this is not his first world record. Ashrita Furman has set more than 300 world records since 1979, in all sorts of, uh, fields, from jumping jacks to kangaroo ball racing.

6. Largest Collection of Smurf Memorabilia

largest smurf memorabilia collection
The world’s largest Smurf memorabilia collection belongs to Stephen Parkes, who has 1061 different pieces of…Smurf stuff. Well done, Stephen.

7. Largest Smurf Meeting Ever

Well, Stephen Parkes‘ little Smurf obsession is one thing, but on June 8, 2009, 2510 students from Swansea University, UK, got together dressed up as Smurfs and stood around in a square. I really didn’t realize that Smurfs still had such a thriving fandom.

8. Most Married Person

most married woman
Linda Lou Taylor of Indiana holds the record for most marriages. She’s been married 23 times. This record actually makes me feel a little sad. Either Ms. Taylor is very cynical and never thought her marriages would last forever, or she was hopeful each time. She is 69 years old and has now been single for about a dozen years. “I would get married again,” she has said, “because, you know, it gets lonely.” Ack.

9. Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously

teeth brushing
About 10,800 students brushed their teeth for about three minutes in Manila, Philippines. Ew, so that means that they might’ve also broken the record for Most People to Spit into a Cup at the Same Time?

10. Most Snails on Face

most snails on face
Fin Keheler, age 11, of Sandy, Utah, covered his face with 43 live snails. Apparently this broke a previous record. Something for his college application, perhaps.

11. Highest Jump by a Guinea Pig


This guinea pig, named Puckel Martin, can jump really high and has broken a record. Unfortunately, Puckel has a brain the size of a peanut so he has no idea this is remarkable.

12. The World’s Loudest Burp


And finally, this Guinness record is stupid and gross, but impressive nonetheless. Paul Hunn can belch at 110 decibels. Lovely.
These world records are all dumb, but each in their own special way. Which do you think is the most pointless of them all?

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  1. Squirting milk from eye,its really amazing the man what he is done.

  2. My favorite was the loudest burp! That was so COOL!!!!!!! The snail one was weird! That Lady must be obsessed with snails or maybe she has 2 million snails at her house for a pet! The milk one was actually weird and cool! Bye!

  3. bob

    my guinea pig has jumped higher than that! its jumed into a basket many times before!

  4. NItin

    The guinea pig record is the most senseless one

  5. he must take many flight to get many Barf Bags

  6. wow…stupid is an understatement

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