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Top 15 Weirdest Facebook Groups | Rounds.com Blog

Top 15 Weirdest Facebook Groups

Facebook pages and groups are often places where you can find solace that somewhere out there in Internetland someone else has the same quirk as you do. However sometimes a large group forms around rather odd or random causes and ideas.

I Yell At Inanimate Objects

Yelling at Inanimate ObjectsI Yell At Inanimate Objects – Almost 70,000 members

many times, inanimate objects fail to provide us with the services we expect from them. and that sucks. so what can we do about it? well, for starters we could always try and repair the object, or we could just scream at it instead. if you would do the latter, then this group is for you.

Physics Doesn’t Exist, It’s All Gnomes

physics does not exist it's all gnomesPhysics doesn’t exist, it’s all gnomes – Around 80,000 members

We believe that all the main physics principles can be explained away by the existence of tiny gnomes.

They then procede to do just that.

If Your Name Starts With A, C, D, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, S, T…Join!!!

facebook group join if your name starts withIf your name starts with A, C, D, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, S, T…join!!! – Almost 1,300,000 members

Don’t join if your name doesn’t start with this because then you’re not cool. If you have a problem with this…Then oh well =D

One of the group updates included the fact that ‘R’ had been added to the accepted initials.

This Isn’t Just a Society, This is an M&S Appreciation Society

marks and spencer'sThis isn’t just a society, this is an M&S appreciation society – Around 1,300 members

We don’t know how they do it, but they do. When you buy food from M&S, it is invariably far superior to any of its rivals. They also have the best food adverts around… don’t they just make you hungry? Thank you, M&S.

You’re Not a Vampire, You’re a Sparkly Douchebag in a Tree.

Twilight Edward Cullen RObert Pattinson Kristen StewartYou’re not a vampire, you’re a sparkly douchebag in a tree. – Almost 150,000 members

For those of us who really dislike the Twilight craze.

Oh yeah? Well i HATE dolphins!

dolphinsOh yeah? well i HATE dolphins! – Around 700 members

ever sit next to that obnoxious bitch in english class who always wears dolphin shirts, earrings, buttons, etc. etc. etc., and just wish you were eating a tuna sandwich full of dolphin just to spite her?

Finding LOVE in All the Wrong Places

finding love in wrong placesFinding LOVE in all the wrong places – Almost 500 members

I see … not dead people … but love hearts hidden in this world of ours … keep them peeled and see that love is all around … a heart can be hidden in a cloud, a crisp packet or even a monkeys bum bum (see profile pic) … Take some evidence and add it … ♥

This is actually quite fun and interactive.

I Secretly Stalk You.

stalkersI secretly stalk you – Around 200 members

For all you secret facebook stalkers out there. I know you all are, don’t try to deny it. If you are a person who views someone else’s page everyday without fail, trying to find out what’s up with that person. Join this group!

I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of The Head

walkingI Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of The Head – Around 7000 members for this specific page but there are many identically named groups.

This group needs no further description and the creator did not provide one.

All I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Be A Power Ranger

Power RangersAll I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Be A Power Ranger – Almost 10,000 members

For those of us who would watch the show and during commercials, test their new Karate skills on their cat or little brother.

By joining this group, you have taken the first of 31 steps to becoming a Power Ranger.

The members of the group also post lots of photos of themselves cosplaying.

Childbirth Is a Piece of Piss, You Ain’t Been Kicked in the Balls.

as painful as childbirthChildbirth is a piece of piss, you ain’t been kicked in the balls. – Around 1,500 members

There are two simple facts we need to consider;

1) When “kicking in the balls” is mentioned to another man, that man will cower in fear, show a face of pain or discomfort and will probably be sick.

When “i’ve just gone through childbirth” is mentioned to a woman, there are usually looks of joy and happiness and out pourings of “aww how cute!” etc etc.

There’s nothing ‘cute’ about throwing up your pelvis after you’ve been kicked in the balls. [...]

Womankind will surely thank this group for the clarification. Furthermore, we all benefit from knowing that ‘piss’ comes in pieces.

If This Group Reaches 15k People, Kevin and I Will Have a Pinecone Eat-Off!

PineconesIf this group reaches 15k people, Kevin and I will have a pinecone eat-off! – Almost 1,600 members

5 cones each, 30 minutes on the clock. First one to finish his lineup of cones is the victor (unless time runs out, then furthest along at time wins).

My Parents Didn’t Put Me in Time-out, They Whooped My Ass!

boondocksMy parents didn’t put me in time-out, they whooped my ass! – Almost 900,000 members

“Wow, your kids are so good-natured. They’re nothing like my kids, they just run wild and I have no idea how to control them. How do you do it?”

“…You try whoopin they ass?”

While this group seems funny and innocent enough, this exposé done on a couple of the group’s members really takes you from weird to full on disturbing. Terribly disturbing.

I Flip My Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side.

PillowI Flip My Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side. – Almost 1,000,000 members

Do u have trouble sleeping? Do u find urself waking up in the middle of the night, and the only remedy to a good night’s rest is turning that pillow over so u can feel the cold side on ur face and head. Thought u were the only one who did this? think again. If you experience this same issue night after night, this is the group for you.

We Are Not Going to Pay for Facebook

facebook groupWe are not going to pay for Facebook – Almost 3,000 members

Now i need you to look alright Facebook?
we sure like you and we know you like us too
We love being here, its an extremely cool place
but if you want us to pay were all going to Myspace

Uh… really?

What are your favourite crazy Facebook groups?

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